Communicating for Patient Safety: Translating Research into Practice


Welcome Message from Professor Dorothy Jones (Symposium Coordinator):

On behalf of IRCCH, I welcome you to this vibrant opportunity in Lugano on June 27, 2016; to join an international network of interprofessional practitioners who want to make a difference to the way we deliver, receive and understand healthcare and its communication to each other. Together, we can make a real difference to the outcomes and care quality for patients. By coming together we will navigate the cutting edge of the new way we understand delivering and getting safe healthcare.



Welcome Message from Professor Peter Schulz (Symposium Host):

The Institute of Communication & Health at the University of Lugano is delighted to host the 4th Symposium of the International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare (IRCCH). This is the second time that the growing network of IRCCH is coming to Lugano, bringing together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss issues related to “Communicating For Patient Safety: Translating Research Into Practice”. We are looking forward to welcome our visitors to an exciting academic Symposium in an beautiful surrounding.